Stella Barey Leaked Video Delighted Her Fans

Stella Barey’s recent leaked video has delighted her avid fans online. The young adult online star has been the buzz in the online community following a leaked video started circulating on social media.

Stella Barey Leaked Video Delighted Her Fans
Credit: Stella Barey | Instagram

Stella Barey is a well-known adult online entertainer especially in the adult-oriented platform OnlyFans. She is one of the highest earnings in OnlyFans where she made around 250K a month on OnlyFans, according to sources. Not bad at all for online earnings at a young age.

Prior to Stella joining the adult entertainment industry, she was studying to go to a medical school. In her final few months at school, she was having panic attacks so Stella started posting on TikTok during COVID-19 lockdown as she was bored at home.

Stella Barey’s Calling Is Greater Than Her Med School

Stella’s parents paid for all schooling over the years so she felt bad letting them down by not doing her medical degree. However, the calling for adult-entertainment was just too great for her.

Eventually Stella started posting sexualized content on TikTok and surprisingly the audience loved it.

You can check and follow Stella Barey on TikTok @ana1princ3ss.

According to Stella in one of her interviews, stated that she lost her virginity at 13 and grew up in a little ski town in Montana. Furthermore, Stella always wanted to do adult-oriented entertainment her whole life.

Stella Barey Exposes Her Assets In a Photoshoot
Credit: Stella Barey Photoshoot | Instagram

How Much Money Does Stella Barey Make from OnlyFans?

Apparently according to Stella, she ended up making more money than her mother who is a surgeon. Stella Barey currently makes around $250,000 per month from OnlyFans. During her first month on OnlyFans she earned around $8,000 and the following month her earnings was $20,000. With the said income, Stella Barey’s estimated net worth is around $2.4 million and growing.

She was happy to accept that if her parents refused to speak to her again because she did porn, she would be fine with that since she didn't want to spend her life doing things that made her happy.

Stella Barey’s first TikTok video was about losing her anal virginity, and she followed up with a slew of more backdoor content movies.


Watch Stella Barey’s leaked video that delighted her fans via this link.

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