Lena The Plug in Alluring Leaked Video Went Viral

Lena The Plug recently has an alluring leaked video that went viral. According to sources the leaked video comes from Lena The Plug’s social media account where she posts alluring contents for her avid followers.

Lena The Plug in Alluring Leaked Video Went Viral
Credit: Lena The Plug | Instagram

Also known as Lena Nersesian, Lena The Plug, is an Armenian-American internet sensation and adult entertainment star who was born in the United States. She is a social media influencer who earns seven figures from making adult-oriented contents. It’s no surprise that Lena has millions of online fans because of her jaw-dropping beauty and gorgeous physical attributes.

How Did Lena Nersesian Got the name “Lena The Plug”?

After graduating from the University of California with a degree in psychology she got accepted into graduate school; however, Lena declined due to the high cost of post graduate studies. Instead, Lena went to work, and her coworkers dubbed her “Lena The Plug” while working in a social media business.

Lena The Plug in Sensual Photoshoot
Credit: Lena The Plug | Instagram

How Did Lena The Plug Get Into Adult Entertainment?

According to sources, Lena didn’t have any intention or desire of entering the adult entertainment industry. However, after becoming dissatisfied with her normal 9-5 paychecks, Lena started working as a Snapchat model, much to her family’s dismay.

Eventually, Lena The Plug started expanding her online followers on Instagram and Snapchat. She once had over 3 million followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, her initial account has been suspended, which Lena claims to be a common occurrence. Lena managed to grow her online presence to over 1 million YouTube subscribers. Currently the social media influencer is earning a seven-figure salary.

During her interview with Forbes about her ascent to popularity she said, “I only started into this company because a lot of my fans kept asking if I had any ‘premium’ stuff.” Now, I use my social media networks to sell my business and as a way to meet other creative with whom I can collaborate. The internet and these venues are responsible for everything I’ve accomplished.”

Lena The Plug also uses OnlyFans, where she offers a subscription service that allows her paying subscribers exclusive access to her sexually explicit content. This accounts for 95% of her annual earnings. The remaining seven-figure pay comes from product and brand-related earnings.

Check out the viral video of Lena The Plug via this link.

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