Woodies Pants Review: What You Need To Know About These Revolutionary Pants

Finding the perfect pair of pants was a challenge. Until today, it was difficult to locate something that fit well and had new features.

Woodies Pants Review: What You Need To Know About These Revolutionary Pants
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Because standard sizing and styles were no longer functional, so here comes Woodies. It's never been easier or more affordable to get custom-made pants that fits you perfectly.

The Five (+) Pocket Performance Pants are a new offering from Woodies.

The new 5+ Pocket Performance Pants have a great fit and are loaded with features you'll love.

The 5-plus-pocket Performance Pants was designed with YOU in mind. They use cutting-edge sizing algorithms to calculate your measurements, and they guarantee a flawless fit on all of their products.

TWO concealed and zipped RFID blocking compartments were hidden within the back pockets of the pants, which were recreated. Three pockets are also located on the front of the pants as well.

Woodies Pants Featured Functionality
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You'll be able to move freely thanks to their smart stretch fabric. Their Five (+) Pocket Pants move with you and keep up with your hectic schedule. You may ride your bike around town, run errands, or work from the comfort of your own home!

You can look good even if you've had a long day. The wrinkle-resistant 5+ Pocket Pants is a wardrobe MUST-HAVE.

It's easy to become tangled up in life... They are there to assist you! Water and stain resistance are built into their cutting-edge fabric.

Woodies Pants Stain and Wrinkle Resistant Feature
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The team went to tremendous lengths to obtain some of the best performing fabric on the market. With a 51 percent quality cotton, 45 percent polyester, and 4 percent elastane blend, this fabric is sturdy and long-lasting.

Roll up your 5+ Pocket Performance Pants at night and walk around with confidence; the pants include a reflective seam on the inside.

After years of research and countless iterations, Woodies team has discovered a high-performance fabric. This fabric, which is made up of 51% premium cotton, 45% polyester, and 4% elastane, is long-lasting and suited for all seasons.

Woodie Pants Smart Stretch Fabric
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The 5 (+) Pocket Pants come in a variety of colors, including True Navy, Black, Burgundy, Olive Green, and Slate Grey.

Woodies pants feature a 50-sun protection factor. Stay safe and protected from the sun. These pants are appropriate for every season.

Pants with 5 (+) Pockets are custom-made for you (no one else). At any time, the sizing can be altered.

Woodies got you covered no matter what your waist, inseam, or other measurements are.

Woodies Pants Custom-Made Just For You
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There isn't a standard sizing chart to be found here. Legs that are long, legs that are short... Short, tall... Woodies got you covered, no matter how big or small your project is!

Enter the very minimum of information, such as your height, weight, and waist size. Using advanced sizing algorithms, all of your measurements are determined in seconds. Woodies team gather over 15 measurements to create pants that are truly unique to you.

In addition to specific body measurements, you can choose from three alternative fits. You can make these pants as loose or as tight as you desire.

Regular Fit - If you prefer your pants to be more comfortable and loose, regular fit is for you.

Slim Fit - The slim fit is the most popular among our consumers. It must be neither too tight nor too loose. It's exactly right.

Extra Slim - For a more modern look. For males who desire apparel that is more form-fitting.

The Woodies Pants project is available for PRE-ORDER and FUNDING...

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