TikTok Star Malu Trevejo Twerking Aboard a Private Jet Captivates Fans

TikTok star, Malu Trevejo, captivates fans as she is seen twerking aboard a private jet in one of the videos that was allegedly leaked from her social media account.

According to sources, that the said video could be coming from her exclusive OnlyFans since that is the only platform where the TikTok sensation releases content for her exclusive subscribers. The video of the TikTok star is going viral after it has been circulating on social media.

TikTok Star Malu Trevejo Twerking Aboard a Private Jet Captivates Fans
Credit: Malu Trevejo | Instagram

Malu Trevejo, a Cuban-American singer, is a TikTok superstar, with over 20 million followers on the app after breaking through on Musical.ly, now TikTok.

Her musical career has also been successful, as seen by her viral song "Luna Llena," which has over 100 million views on YouTube since its release four years ago.

In another news, Malu Trevejo was booted from Travis Scott's label after allegations that she lied about signing with him.

Malu Trevejo, a TikTok singer, claims she was let go from Travis Scott's label after reports that she lied about being signed in mid-October.

Malu Trevejo Snapshot of the Viral Video Clip Where She is Twerking Aboard a Private Jet
Image: Snapshot from the Video Clip | Instagram

Trevejo's signing to a major record company should come as no surprise, given her musical abilities... Fans were skeptical when she stated in October 2021 that she had signed to rapper Travis Scott's music label, Cactus Jack Records.

Following her Instagram statement, several fan pages said they were approached by Scott's manager, David Stromberg, who allegedly urged them to remove their posts about her and referred to the announcement as "false."

Malu later refuted these allegations, referring to credits beneath one of her tracks on YouTube, which revealed that the video was provided by Cactus Jack and Atlantic Recording Corporation.

However, it appears that the charges that she "lied" had nothing to do with her departure. "Things just changed," Trevejo stated instead.

Trevejo uploaded an Instagram story weeks after the online dispute erupted, alleging that she'd supposedly parted relations with the label.

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