Sava Schultz OnlyFans Leaked Explicit Photos And Video Spread Like Wildfire

Sava Schultz is an American TikTok celebrity and social media influencer. She made a name for herself on TikTok by releasing short films. She has amassed millions of followers on this network.

Sava Schultz OnlyFans Leaked Explicit Photos And Video Spread Like Wildfire
Credit: Sava Schultz | Instagram

Apparently, the social media star has some of her exclusive contents from OnlyFans that have been leaked. Her private photos and video where the Sava is seen stripped full frontal on bed is spreading like wildfire across the internet.

In the video, the 19-year-old social media sensation is seen shaking her breast and teasing her huge bum in a sexy black thong.

Sava comes from a diverse ethnic background. The social media star; however, did not provide any information about her family. Sava is single and she is currently unattached.

Sava Schultz Leaked Videos and Photos from OnlyFans
Credit: Sava Schultz | Instagram

Her TikTok username was sava.schultz when she started out. She started sharing lip sync and dance videos to well-known tunes. Luckily, her short videos went viral online and allowed her to gain millions of followers. On the app, Sava currently has over 3.5 million fans.

Sava has an OnlyFans account where her username is @savaschultz. This is also one of her sources of revenue. This is where the star typically shares private contents exclusively for her OnlyFans subscribers.

Sava Schultz OnlyFans Leaked Photos and Video
Credit: Sava Schultz | Twitter

As a social media influencer, Sava Schultz makes a decent living. Her primary sources of revenue comes from endorsements and paid membership subscriptions.

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