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Trisha Paytas Squizzles In Her Pool In Allegedly OnlyFans Leaked Video

Trisha Kay Paytas is an American YouTuber and singer. Paytas’s primary YouTube channel “blndsundoll4mj” consists of a wide variety of content including lifestyle-oriented vlogs, music videos, and mukbangs. As of this writing, they have accumulated roughly 5.05 million subscribers and roughly 2.2 billion lifetime views.

Trisha Paytas Squizzles In Her Pool In Allegedly OnlyFans Leaked Video
Credit: Trisha Paytas | Instagram

Apparently, an alleged leaked video of the social media star is circulating online where she is spotted gushing in her pool. The video has been trending in the online community and is believed to be secretly leaked by her subscribers.

In another news, some of Trisha Paytas’ older videos were magically gone from YouTube or at least gone from her channel; however, these aren’t gone from the internet entirely, a few days ago.

Trisha Paytas OnlyFans Leaked Video
Credit: Trisha Paytas | Instagram

Courtney Stodden just discovered a very old parody video that Trisha had done of her on their channel, which prompted Trisha to delete over 1300 videos from her channel.

It appears that in the face of their most recent drama, they want to return to their channel without the drama this time. However, that doesn’t mean that the drama isn’t etched into the minds of their long-time followers as well as their bashers.

Trisha Paytas OnlyFans Leak Video Viral
Credit: Trisha Paytas | Instagram

Back in the day when Trisha had her own podcast in 2019, she had Courtney on and they talked about her trauma in depth. They failed to inform Courtney that they had ever parodied her on their channel, and Courtney only found out about the video a few days ago.

When presented with this information, Courtney stated on Twitter that she initially went on Trisha’s podcast as a favor to her, but that she now realizes she had no idea who was on her side. She went on to add that she had forgiven Trisha and wished them both happiness.

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