BTS Will Be Guesting On YouTube Original’s “Released” With Chris Martin

BTS will be guesting in a special upcoming episode of YouTube Original’s weekly music series “Released” this 9th September ahead of the premiere of “BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ MV (YouTube Shorts Challenge version).” BTS will be featured in the show where they will be chatting with Coldplay singer Chris Martin talking about what inspired the global #PermissiontoDance Challenge.

BTS Will Be Guesting On YouTube Original’s “Released” With Chris Martin
Credit: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

The special episode will be highlighting a selection of YouTube shorts from the dance challenge created by BTS fans from around the world, including those from the U.S., India, Russia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and other countries where there are ARMYs.

The #PermissionToDance challenge started back in 23rd July following BTS asking fans to make 15-second YouTube shorts for this 3-week-dance video-challenge incorporating International Sign gestures for “Joy,” “Dance,” and “Peace” which were featured in the “Permission To Dance” official music video.


Released” special episode will be aired on BTS’ official YT channel and be followed by the global premiere of “BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ Music Video (Shorts Challenge version)” at midnight Eastern.

Here’s a preview of the episode below.

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