BTS Jungkook Returns to Weverse, Surprising the ARMYs Worldwide

Following the creation of the platform Weverse, there has been a lot of groups utilizing it to interact with their fanbase. BTS, is one of the biggest groups that has been using the platform and most of the members are using regularly to communicate with the ARMYs.

Credit: Courtesy of Jungkook | Twitter

Most recently, one member of the BTS hasn’t been active for quite a while and that is the golden maknae Jungkook. Fans were wondering if Jungkook even has the app downloaded on his phone. However, just this July 7, fans were surprised when they got a notification form the app stating the Jungkook posted a status on Weverse.


Jungkook’s recent post says, “6 weeks that’s crazy…” which is a celebration of their track “Butter” remaining the No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for its 6th consecutive week on the charts.

The recent update was a huge deal for the ARMYs since it is the first time that the golden maknae has been active on the said platform for the past 3 months…

ARMYs observed that it was the first time that Jungkook posted but saw a pattern with the dates. One very observant Twitter user said that, Jungkook has a habit of posting on July 7th of each year…

Following the post from Jungkook on Weverse, fans on Twitter went on a frenzy, and the news on Jungkook’s coming back to Weverse even trended in multiple countries. The ARMYs around the globe couldn’t contain their excitement at knowing and seeing BTS’s golden maknae sharing a post just before the group’s appearance on the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Korea.


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