Netflix Has Canceled Jupiter’s Legacy and the Casts Are Not Taking it Well

Netflix has canceled Jupiter’s Legacy after one season – and the casts are not taking it well.

On Wednesday, Netflix made an announcement that it would not renew the series, developed by Steven S. DeKnight and based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix | Twitter

The lead actor of the series, Josh Duhamel, who portrayed Utopian – the superpowered family’s leader, took to social media and shared a heartfelt Instagram post of himself and his fellow cast members, writing…

It’s never easy to hear that a project you cared about/believe in/ put so much into is ending prematurely. It was a challenge and a privilege to dive into the character of Sheldon/Utopian. 

– Josh Duhamel

Also, Duhamel shared a hilarious post of himself in full-on Utopian attire with the caption, “When you get dumped by @netflix and have to put yourself back out there….#sexysantasummer What’s up, @hulu?”

Meanwhile Andrew Horton, who portrays Utopian’s son, Brandon, tweeted how thankful he was for everyone involved in the show’s development.


Other cast members like Leslie Bibb and Matt Lanter, also posted and echoed those sentiments of friendship, sadness, and superhero pride.

Even though “Jupiter’s Legacy” was canceled, Netflix has plans for a show spinoff called “Supercrooks,” which is also based on a Millar-written comic and features an all-new cast. It appears that the “Jupiter’s Legacy” saga will go on.


The upcoming spinoff series, “Supercrooks” will explore the supervillains within the “Jupiter’s Legacy” universe, which may give some of the original show’s actors a possibility to at least guest on the upcoming flix. (Hopefully)

Only time will tell if the “Jupiter’s Legacy” actors will get a kind of justice they seem to be longing for. Hoping also that a season 2 will be given to them, might not be from Netflix…so Hulu are you in?


Season 1 of "Jupiter's Legacy" is currently streaming on Netflix.

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