Loki Series Will Have A Major Influence on the Marvel Shows on Disney+

To understand what is going on with the Sacred Timeline and how the Time Variance Authority or TVA is managing it, with Loki on Disney+, stopping playback and rewinding is a must.

Credit: Courtesy of MCU & Disney | Twitter

With Episode 1, where it explained that the Sacred Timeline and how the TVA resets and prunes Nexus events and variants. We learned that in Episode 1, the TVA ensures the proper flow of time by repairing all the Nexus events.

In Episode 2, where it tells us the Agents and Hunter teams have a limited time to clean up the Nexus events. Agent Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, explains to Loki that the TVA can’t go back in time before an attack.


Reset Charges “prune the affected radius of a branched timeline, allowing time to heal all its wounds,” recites Loki, as he was bored to death with these intricacies.

We also learned in Episode 1 that the TVA has collected a massive number of Infinity Stones from its Nexus resets and speculated that the Avengers’ understanding of the Stones might be wrong.


However, we learned at the end of episode that the stolen Reset Charges can be used to create brand new reality branches themselves.

Furthermore, back in Episode 1, we also learned that Nexus events happen all the time, as a regular or heroic character who diverge from their predestined path.


Although it is clear from Endgame that the TVA does allow for other realities to exist, like the timeline where Thanos moves forward in time from 2014 to 2023 to die at the hand of Iron Man.

However, Episode 2 tells us that if you mess with the timeline at a point in time where cataclysmic events happen, then that would be a Nexus event that doesn’t trigger a Nexus reset.


TVA would have no way of learning someone is altering reality in that time and place, which is where the “bad” Loki variant likes to hide.

The Lady Loki, played by Sophia di Martino, used all those Reset Charges that she stole from different timelines to attack the TVA and spawn multiple Nexus events that would need immediate addressing.


Surprisingly, what made it interesting in Episode 2’s finale is that Lady Loki set a very specific Reset Charges in time.

Based on how the Loki series goes, this definitely will have a major impact on the MCU of any Disney+ show.


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