Jensen Ackles Revealed His Long-Haired Character From ‘The Boys’ and Fans Can’t Get Over It

Jensen Ackles, revealed his highly anticipated character ‘Soldier Boy’ from the upcoming 3rd season of “The Boys.” Guess what? Fans are going crazy with his new look. Fans of the comic and series are on the edge of their seats for almost a year now waiting for the casting announcement, and now they’re even surprised with the new character played by Ackles donned with wholly different looks from what fans are used to with his image in Supernatural days.

Credit: Courtesy of Jensen Ackles | Instagram

Ackles has been known as ‘Dean Winchester,’ one of the primary characters in the hit CW series Supernatural, the pie-loving, gun-slinging demon hunter that has required the actor to keep a close-cropped haircut and light beard for the better part in the last couple of decades. 

Credit: Jensen Ackles - Supernatural | Instagram

Literally, it’s been very weird but wonderful for the fans watching the actor sporting his new locks and beard get so long and dark while filming the ‘The Boys.’

These official ‘Soldier Boy’ portraits totally caught our attention. Just take a quick look through TikTok or on Twitter and see for yourself just how thwarted people’s minds are. Ackles’ Instagram comments are a gold mine all on their own.


If you’re looking for even more long-haired Jensen Ackles content, head over to his social media account to get a plenty of photos and videos. Should you wish to see more thirst trap videos of the actor crushing bicep curls with even longer hair and bushy beard? What are you waiting for, go check his Instagram.

Fans are all in for Jensen in keeping this ‘Soldier Boy’ look for a long time, especially after seeing the actor with the same look for more than a decade. So, when are we going to see the 3rd Season? We’ll keep an eye on it…Amazon Prime?

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