Get To Know The Handsome Villain in Netflix’s ‘Ragnarök’ Series

Ragnarök Season 2 is back on Netflix, with this season comes new characters and the old, however, one of the characters has caught the attention of the international fans…Who is the handsome villain in Netflix’s Ragnarök?

Credit: Courtesy of Herman Tommeraas | Instagram

So, let’s get to know the hottest villain in Ragnarök…He is none other than Herman Tommeraas, a 24-years old Norwegian actor and model. He plays the son of the 5th richest man in Norway, who has a dark secret coming from a giant race, where his family has sinister plans to ruling mankind.

Herman who gained fame recently portraying Christoffer Schistad in the romantic drama television series ‘Skam’ (English: Shame). He grew up in the suburb of Drammen, he developed acting aspirations at a very young age.

Herman made his acting debut, in 2008, in the short film ‘Arkitektene.’ He landed his first significant role in 2011 in the international Emmy Award nominated series ‘Stikk.’ In 2015, Herman was selected to be part of the teen drama web series ‘Skam.’ The said show attracted an international audience with its universal themes of young love, loss, and friendship.

Although Herman’s character is a recurring one, he is undeniably the most popular actor on the show with 213 thousand followers on Twitter and 1.6 million followers on Instagram. The actor also has multiple fan-sites dedicated solely to him.

Credit: Courtesy of Herman Tommeraas | Instagram

Herman started dancing when was just seven years old. From then on, he has embraced a deep love for performing. His mother helped him in developing his artistic skills. He started his acting career with the short ‘Arkitektene.’ The family-adventure film was released in 2008 and was directed by Viljar Osland.

Herman was cast as a cello prodigy in ‘Stikk,’ in 2011. The movie was filmed in Oslo, Norway, the series tells a story of a 12-year-old girl named Molly, who moves in with her new foster parents and makes friends with two boys from the neighborhood.

Tømmeraas has been part of the cast of ‘Skam’ since the show’s pilot episode, which aired in 2015. The teen drama web series is produced by NRK P3, which is part of the Norwegian government-owned NRK. He portrays Christoffer Schistad, also known as Penetrator Chris. In 2017, he began filming for a new show titled ‘Null’.

In 2017, Herman started his mandatory military service as a Norwegian citizen. He serves as a lifeguard.

Herman got together with fellow Norwegian television personality Amalie Snøløs for a photo shoot, back in February 2018. Ever since the pictures were posted on their respective social media accounts, there have been rumors of a possible relationship between the two. However, neither has confirmed nor denied such speculations.

Ragnarök Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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