BTS Butter Continues to Dominate Billboard Hot 100 While Surpassing 400 Million Views on YouTube

BTS Butter continues to dominate Billboard Hot 100 while surpassing 400 million views on YouTube.

Credit: Courtesy of BTS & Big Hit Music | Twitter

The world phenomena BTS continues to break multiple records in music history and even become the first Asian group to dominate five straight weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Previously, BTS made history as they became the first Asian group to dominate Billboard Hot 100 chart for 4 consecutive week. Apparently that doesn’t stop the group to continue breaking records and make history because the boys are definitely not giving it up very soon.


Billboard has officially released the information, unveiling BTS with their hit single “Butter” topping the Hot 100 chart for the 5th consecutive week as it is the top-selling song of the week. According to the report week ending 24th June, the track already has 12.4 million streams and 128,400 downloads sold which is up 15%, in the United States. Radio Airplay impressions also were up 6% in the previous week, pushing the number to 27.6 million impressions.


According to Billboard records, “Butter” has already sold over 100,000 downloads in each of the five weeks since its debut. It is the first song to link such a streak since Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit song ‘Despacito,’ featuring Justin Bieber, cleared 100,000 in 12 consecutive weeks in May-August 2017.

BTS’s Butter is also the first song in four years to sell at least 100,000 downloads in the US in each of its first five weeks.


Meanwhile, ‘Butter’ has hit over 400 million views on YouTube, as of this writing, the official “Butter” music video is already trailing 403 million views, making it BTS’s 13th music video to make such record.

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