Tom Ellis Opens Up About Shirtless Scenes in Lucifer on Netflix

“Lucifer” premiered on Fox TV back in 2016 where it featured the British actor Tom Ellis, who eventually got the world swooned over.

Credit: Courtesy of Tom Ellis | GIF

Ellis played the as the devil, Lucifer Morningstar, with a heart of gold soon took over the imaginations of the fans and his character catapulted to become an LGBTQ icon.

Following the 3 seasons, Fox canceled the show; however, the public uproar got louder. Netflix came to the rescue and picked it up. Since then, seeing Tom Ellis in the buff has been his pride and fans are not complaining.


Seeing Tom Ellis shirtless is already a given in Lucifer, and boy the man is really the devil if the muscles are to consider. Ripped and with the devil’s own stunning visuals, the sudden cancelation of the show by Fox left the fans grieving.

For quite some time, it was on May 8th 2019 when Lucifer returned to air with season four, and this time it’s on Netflix. One big advantage of being on Netflix, is of course, Ellis could push the limits of skin and skin, to further the excitement of the fans.


During an interview with Vulture magazine, Ellis confessed that while there are limitations on what you can show on the network TV, Netflix on the other hand, does not work like that. This is why suddenly, Ellis had to be in a far better shape than before, although even now, no scene in Lucifer borders on the vulgar. It’s all suggestive, according the actor.

I also lost a bet to my trainer when we got picked up for season four, which meant I had to get back into a different kind of shape than I’d been in before. I had a moment of pride with how I felt and how I looked. I wasn’t against the idea of nudity.

– Tom Ellis


Since the show’s transfer to Netflix, Ellis had to strip a lot more, so walking on the set n**ed has become part of his job description. However, Ellis doesn’t mind at all, and though he says it is not glamorous in the very least, but he just laughed about it.

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