Nam Joo Hyuk’s Stunning Look at Dior’s New Pop-Up Store, Delighted Fans

Nam Joo Hyuk, the handsome ambassador for the French luxury brand Dior, looked impressive at the brand’s new pop-up store in Seoul.

Credit: Courtesy of Nam Joo Hyuk & Dior | Instagram

The actor-model was wearing a multi-colored mock-neck shirt paired with a smart navy-blue collared jacket and pants set. Sporting the stylish look with a metal belt and black boots both adorned with the Dior “CD” logo.

Credit: Courtesy of Nam Joo Hyuk & Dior | Instagram

Fans are absolutely delighted with Nam Joo Hyuk’s outfit, taking to social media to praise the look and the actor-model's visuals.

Credit: Courtesy of Nam Joo Hyuk & Dior | Instagram

Nam Joohyuk, Dior, and blue a.k.a. perfect combination

 — kar (@joohyuksbae) May 14, 2021

If we didn’t know better, we’d think the color blue was invented for him!

Nam Joohyuk owning all the blue Dior fits like the color exists for him

— bubbi (@jjwohyuk) May 14, 2021

Nam Joo Hyuk did a short clip himself during his time at the pop-up store, showcasing not only his outfit but the outfits and art on display!



Nam Joohyuk moving and walking and breathing in Dior and here I am falling for him 🤧

 — SkujikzyHolic 🌸🌼⭐🌈☁💛💚💜🌎❤️ (@azee_0) May 18, 2021

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