Gong Jun Playing Wen Kexing In ‘Word of Honor’ Is A Big Breakthrough In His Showbiz Career

A Chinese drama series adapted from the online fiction Tianyake by Priest; ‘Word of Honor’ is one of the biggest hit TV series in China this year.

Credit: Courtesy of Gong Jun | Twitter

The story revolves around the bond of two young and handsome martial arts masters – Zhou Zishu (played by Zhang Zhehan) and Wen Kexing (played by Gong Jun).

Gong said that Wen is a challenging role to play. “The most difficult part is showing his capriciousness. He is very emotional, so there can be many changes in emotion in a single scene. It’s difficult to switch from being ecstatic in one second to being apoplectic with rage the next.”

Credit: Courtesy of Gong Jun & Youku | Twitter

Gong Jun graduated from Donghua University in Shanghai. Gong, a Chengdu native, made his acting debut in period drama series Sword Chaos (2015).

Gong then played an honest and courageous prince in the period drama series Lost Love in Times (2017).

Although Gong Jun played the male leading roles respectively in the TV series Lust for Gold (2019) and The Love Equations (2020), he became a household name only after ‘Word of Honor’ gained virality for its spectacular visuals and complex characterizations.

Gong said playing the role is a big breakthrough in his showbiz career.

I love the role a lot as Wen is a courageous soul who is bent on pursuing what he wants in life. 

– Gong Jun

The actor is currently in Xiamen shooting Mango TV’s romance TV series Dream Garden, Gong will next be seen as a professional counselor opposite a relationship blogger played by Qiao Xin.

Word of Honor is now available and streaming on Netflix.

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