Finn Wittrock is Set to Star in HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series

Finn Wittrock is set to star in HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern series, which will portray the time-tripping adventures of a multitude of Lanterns.

Credit: Courtesy of Finn Wittrock | Twitter

Wittrock who is known for his role in the American Horror Story, is set to play the Guy Gardner version of the superhero, a hulking mass of masculinity, and as illustrated in the comics, an epitome of 80’s hyper-patriotism.

Green Lantern is co-written and executive-produced by Arrowverse overlord Greg Berlanti and Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim.

The series reinvents the classic DC property through a story spanning decades and galaxies, beginning on Earth in 1941 with the very first Green Lantern, FBI agent Alan Scott, and 1984, with cocky alpha male Guy Gardner and half-alien Bree Jarta.

The group will be joined by other Lanterns from the comic book favorites to never-before-seen heroes.

During the announcement of the ambitious DC superhero project, Berlanti said that Green Lantern promises to be the biggest DC show ever made.

Seth Grahame-Smith from LEGO Batman Movie will be the co-writer/EP together with Berlanti and Guggenheim, as the showrunner.

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