Cha Eunwoo Is Chosen As The New Model for Leisure Sports Brand O’Neill

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo is chosen as the new model for the leisure sports brand O’Neill. The singer-actor was chosen right in time for the brand’s 2021 Fall/Winter collection.

Credit: Courtesy of Cha Eunwoo | Twitter

O’Neill shared a graphic of a wanted poster through their Instagram account, with the caption “Who is O’Neill’s 2021 model?”

Credit: Courtesy of O'Neill | Instagram

The poster that depicted the next model clearly resembles Eunwoo.


According to the company, Eunwoo was chosen because the celebrity best represents the brand, as “he is an all-rounder entertainer who is constantly striving to portray various characters” in the entertainment industry, as an idol and as an actor. Eunwoo also encompasses the adventurous spirit of Jack O’Neill, the company’s founder.


Eunwoo will start representing the brand with the launch of O’Neill’s 2021 Fall/Winter collection.

Surely enough Eunwoo’s schedule is really busy, considering his solo fan-meeting coming up in June and being part of a movie project ‘Decibel.’

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