BTS’s ‘Butter’ Sets New Record in YouTube Music Video Premiere, Renewing Attempt for Grammys

BTS recently made a comeback with their new single, “Butter.” The group attended a press conference for the new song release on May 21st.  This new single marks BTS’s second all-English song following ‘Dynamite’.

Credit: Courtesy of BTS & HYBE | GIF

Apparently, the new single ‘Butter’ is already setting a new record in YouTube Music Video Premiere for having the largest viewers with over 3.9 million views simultaneously when the music video went live.

BTS just broke their own record from August 2020 when they released ‘Dynamite’ since it attracted 3 million views when it went live on YouTube.


Currently, BTS is holding the no. 1 and no. 2 spots for ‘Butter’ and ‘Dynamite’ respectively, for the largest YouTube Music Video Premiere.

Meanwhile, there have been speculations that the all-English track was a second attempt at the Grammy Awards, BTS Suga responded to the matter.


I think that we can’t say that’s completely untrue. We still maintain our hopes regarding winning a Grammy. We will challenge it once again with “Butter”. Hopefully, there will be good results.


— Suga


RM seconded Suga’s thoughts, confirming that the all-English single was certainly a calculated move.

Just like many have been curious about, we are definitely thinking about the Grammys. We will challenge it to our best abilities.


— RM

Congratulations, BTS! In the meantime, let us continue supporting the “Butter” music video below. We ‘butter’ spread the good vibes!

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