ARMYs Complimented BTS For Speaking Fluent English on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

BTS received compliments from ARMYs on Tuesday night, following their “improved” English speaking skills during a comedy skit on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’

Credit: Courtesy of BTS | GIF

On Tuesday, the group combined promotional duties with comedic skills as they participated in a skit called “BTS Teaches Hand Gestures.”

The skit started with BTS RM explaining, “A few years ago, we helped popularize finger hearts, a symbol that means love and affection. But that’s only one of many popular gestures we use. And tonight, me and the boys of BTS are gonna teach you the rest.”


BTS then started performing a series of hand gestures, ranging in levels of complexity to symbolize such things as kidneys, long intestines, going for a run, and informing somebody that they have food on their face.

While the boys brought hilarity, they also made impressions to the ARMYs who eventually took to Twitterverse to tweet compliments regarding BTS standard of English.


“in all seriousness, that was a pretty long, all-English, comedic segment. it must have required so much practice and they did amazingly,” wrote @lenikacruz@.

“their English is so fluent now,' wrote @jeonsobvious on the micro-blogging platform. "they have been working so hard and i am so proud of them.”


“Their English sounded so good,” echoed @Love_taebear. “They have really improved.”

Stephen Colbert praised BTS for their colossal influence. He even jokingly crediting the boys for his choice of hairstyle.

Along with the series of hand gestures shared during the skit was one called “Late Night TV Host Stephen Colbert.” Colbert himself also appeared in the skit, which ended with the singers promoting their recently released single, “Butter.”


BTS, who will be among the celebrities appearing on HBO Max’s Friends: The Reunion on Thursday, recently revealed the video for their new single to great success.

Butter MV has smashed and created a new record during its release in the YouTube Premiere with over 3.9 million concurrent viewers, taking over the spot that ‘Dynamite’ previously held.

“Butter” has attracted 108.2 million views in just the first 24 hours of its release which marks another record in the music industry.

Check out this video from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with BTS showcasing New Hand Gestures…

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