Sebastian Stan Surprises Fans with Bum Exposure on Social Media

Sebastian Stan, the 38-year-old actor known for his role as James “Bucky” Barnes / Winter Soldier in MCU films, recently took to Instagram to post a photo of himself exposing his bum to shamelessly promote his upcoming indie film, “Monday.”

Credit: Courtesy of Sebastian Stan | Instagram

Stan captioned the post: “MONDAY, the movie. Out this Friday, April 16. When I say we gave it our ‘all’, we literally did.” The actor added the hashtag “#yesthisisashamelesspromotionphoto.”

While fans are still hooked on the weekly episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Solider, Stan recently went viral for exposing his bum on social media. And well, the fans went wild.

Stan might be aware of the public’s admiration for him, which is probably why he shared a photo of his rear-end on Instagram, while trying to promote “Monday.” You can check the post right here.


The Winter Soldier actor quickly broke the internet after posting the “#yesthisiisashamelesspromotionphoto” on his personal Instagram account, and the fans can’t get enough.

Sharing his bum with the whopping 6.3 million followers on his Instagram page, the image made it way to other various social media platforms. The said post is becoming a source for memes and other hilarious reactions on Twitter.


Marvel actors are not known for baring it all, although clearly Sebastian Stan is all comfy with his physique. Furthermore, it is not like he’s going full frontal while trying to promote his film, “Monday.”  Nevertheless, the actor isn’t known for sharing n*des on his social media account pages. At least, for now.

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