Photos of Harry Styles as ‘Ariel’ of “The Little Mermaid” Made a Splash Online

Photos of Harry Styles as Ariel of “The Little Mermaid” have resurfaced online making fans go wild. The images that show the heavily inked British pop star striking a pose in a shell bra, fish tail, and long bright wig are circulating again online. The said photos are reportedly from a 2019 “Saturday Night Live” promo photoshoot that were never used, according to sources.

Credit: Courtesy of Harry Styles | Twitter

The former one direction singer, looks like a rock-star version of the sweet mermaid who dreamed of being human from our childhood fairytale. Styles poses unruffled while holding a glass of champagne and a cigarette.

Credit: Courtesy of Harry Styles | Twitter

Styles made no secret of his love for women’s dress – or for mermaids. The British pop star has a large mermaid tattoo on his arm. When the singer was asked back in 2014 why he got that tattoo, the singer just smiled and said that he’s a mermaid.

Credit: Courtesy of @HarryssTacos | Twitter

Previously, Styles has turned down the role of Prince Eric, Ariel’s beloved, in an upcoming live-action version of the Disney animated classic starring Halley Bailey as Ariel and Melissa McCarthy as the nefarious Ursula.

According to the singer, that he gave up the part to continue focusing on his music; however, he was excited to see the film when it hits the big screen. “I’ll enjoy watching it, I’m sure,” Styles said.


Styles, as fans can assume, is a fan of the Disney classic movie, which came out in 1989, more than 4 years before he was born. A Twitter user happily shared a throwback pic of the singer wearing a shirt with Ariel’s famous quote, “But daddy, I love him.”

These “Little Mermaid” pics are hardly ever the first that Styles had caused a stir online by wearing gender-bender outfits.


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