Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 Release Date Delayed by a Week

Mortal Kombat, the live-action adaptation of the popular video game has been pushed back for a week.

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. | Twitter

Warner Bros. live-action adaptation was originally scheduled to hit the big screen on April 16th and now the new schedule for its release is on April 23rd.  The film will both premiere in theaters and on HBO Max.

Change in schedule comes the day before the Warner Bros. plans to release another movie, “Godzilla vs Kong.”

“Mortal Kombat,” an adaptation of the popular video game, has been delayed a week.


The Warner Bros. fantasy-action film was originally scheduled for April 16 and is instead coming out on April 23. It will premiere both in movie theaters and on HBO Max. Movie exhibitors have been optimistic about the arrival of the big-budget clash of the monsters, which has already made notable earnings abroad. “Godzilla vs Kong”  already made $121 million at the international box office since its release date overseas.

The movie, “Godzilla vs Kong” has done exceptionally well in China, it already generated $70 million since its opening weekend.

Rescheduling Mortal Kombat’s release date, the studio is hoping to space out the potential blockbusters in an attempt to avoid cannibalizing ticket sales.

Warner Bros. is anticipating that capacity restrictions across the country could be relaxed in the coming weeks. Los Angeles county, earlier on Tuesday, moved into the state’s orange tier, meaning it will now allow movie theaters to increase indoor capacity to 50% or 200 people. This change is expected to be effective on Wednesday. The change is an encouraging step in Hollywood’s efforts to revive the movie business, which was badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mortal Kombat, the story follows a washed-up MMA fighter who is unaware of his hidden lineage and why he’s being targeted by a clan of mercenaries. Worried about the safety of his family, he seeks out a team of fighters who were selected to protect Earth-realm in a high-risk battle against the forces of Outworld. The movie is directed by Simon McQuoid and James Wan was a producer of the film.

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