Jungkook’s Revelation on What Makes BTS Unique and Special – Find Out.

Jungkook, during a recent interview with Tokopedia, was asked why BTS is special and his response clearly shows the singer’s personality.

Credit: Courtesy of Jungkook & HYBE | Twitter

The youngest member of the iconic group answered while playing the game of Jenga during the interview, and his response to the question was – “ARMYs, of course!”


Jungkook’s revelation on what makes BTS unique and special is all because of the ARMYs. BTS ARMYs are so precious and are as important to BTS as the members themselves.

Considering that the ARMYs have been with the BTS since the beginning, the support and love they have received throughout the years are extremely special and that is what sets BTS apart.


BTS Jungkook’s undying love and gratitude for the BTS fans reveals his sincerity and the pureness of his heart, and that’s the very main reason why ARMYs love this maknae very much.

Checkout the full Tokopedia interview with BTS.

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