BTS V Teases J-Hope When Giving Him Compliments

BTS V can be a little mischief especially when he loves joking with his fellow band members.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS V and J-Hope | Twitter

V is known to have a playful but loving personality, and it was seen when he was complimenting J-Hope.

During the special KBS talk show, Let’s BTS, there was part of the show where the members were giving compliments to each other. V apparently was tasked to give compliments to J-Hope, and he started by talking about J-Hope’s personality.

This guy is the most consistent guy out of us. He’s always thankful for everything. And he’s the nicest one.


— V

Upon hearing it, J-Hope got a little shy because of V’s kind words, and V playfully asked him if should change the subject.

V said that J-Hope is the kindest person he’s ever met and then playfully stopped his complimenting J-Hope.


I’ve never met someone kinder than him. And I’ll stop here.


— V

Because of this J-Hope couldn’t help laughing at V’s playfulness during the show.

Meanwhile, V said he was just joking when he said he’ll stop giving the compliments and he continued showering J-Hope with kind words.


He’s great on stage and everything, but what I admire the most is that he’s naturally considerate to people. Whenever we have a favor or concern, he always listens to us seriously and makes sacrifices for others. He’s a great guy.


— V

Check out the video from KBS talk show below!

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