BTS Jimin, Carving His Own Record History on Spotify with His Solo Tracks

It seems this year is about BTS making history in the music world. Recently, their lead vocalist, Jimin, is carving his own record history with his solo tracks.

Credit: Courtesy of Jimin | Twitter

Amazingly, Jimin’s solo tracks have already surpassed 500 million combined streams on Spotify alone. Now, he is the first and only solo Korean artist to make this achievement.


Jimin’s solo tracks include “Lie,” “Intro: Serendipity,” “Serendipity (Full Length Version),” and “Filter.” Knowing that Jimin has just four solo tracks available on the music streaming platform, this is truly a remarkable achievement for a music artist.


Although the solo tracks of Jimin are listed under BTS on Spotify, but, the young artist still holds that incredible record to beat.

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