BTS Added Two More Guinness World Records for ‘Dynamite’

BTS Dynamite has made two more Guinness World Records this year.

It seems like the ‘Dynamite’ continues to light up the sky for BTS and ARMYs, and it has no signs of stopping.

Credit: Courtesy of BTS | Twitter

BTS hit-track has broken two more Guinness World Records: it is now the K-Pop song with the most weeks on the US Hot 100 and on the top spot of Digital Song Sales Billboard charts.

Credit: Courtesy of Guinness World Records | Twitter

“Dynamite” is one of the songs which the members did not contribute in songwriting or production. During the interviews with several media outlets, songwriters David Stewart and Jessica Agombar shared how hit-track was created. Through their publisher Tim Blacksmith at Stellar Songs, they learned that BTS was searching for an English language single. Stewart and Agombar wrote 3 songs over Zoom calls “at the start of lockdown.” The duo wanted to create a song which is “energetic, fun, hopeful, positive, and just like a  huge ball of energy.”


It needs to be explosive – and obviously explosive then became “Dynamite.” Any kind of word like that…I’m always thinking of fireworks, or “Firework,” because I’m a massive Katy Perry fan. I just wanted anything high-energy. It wasn’t a particular lyric, it was a bundle of ideas: explosive, fireworks, dynamite, party, fun, energetic, worldwide takeover. So, it just had to match the energy of everything surrounding BTS. It was less a line than a feeling. The BPM had to be quick, we have to have horns, it has to be uptempo.

– Jessica Agombar

“Dynamite” has spent 32 weeks on the US Hot 100 chart, outranking the previous record holder, PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” by just one week. It was also the first Korean track to top the chart when it was launched last summer.


With the Digital Song Sales chart, “Dynamite” booted Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito,” spending 18 weeks on the top spot.

Although, “Dynamite” is no longer on top of the Digital Song Sales Chart; however, that doesn’t matter because the one that took over is another BTS track, “Film Out,” which is their most recent release record.

Credit: Courtesy of BTS | Billboard

With the two new achievements, BTS currently holds a total of 20 different Guinness World Records in history.

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