Will BTS V Make Acting Comeback on the Big Screen?

BTS V has no plans yet in returning to the big screen any time soon, however many production companies are hoping for his big screen comeback.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung | Twitter

Back in 2016, V (Kim Taehyung) made his acting debut in the historical K-Drama ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.’ V played the role of Suk Han Sung, who is a young warrior with a bright and warm character. And for the record, ‘Hwarang’ is V’s first and only K-Drama he has on his acting portfolio.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung | Hwarang

Although it has already been 5 years since V (Kim Taehyung) debuted as an actor, however according to a recent Star News report, V is getting love calls from several K-Drama production companies. V’s appearance fee is reported to be around ₩ 200 million KRW (estimated value conversion --$177,000 USD).


The said talent fee is nearly half of what one K-Drama’s most in-demand veteran actors, Kim Soo Hyun, is paid for per episode. Kim Soo Hyun made his TV acting debut back in 2007, as a supporting character in Kimchi Cheese Smile. Nowadays, Kim Soo Hyun’s talent fee is reported to be around ₩ 500 million KRW (estimated value conversion -- $441,000 USD).

Though V is still a rookie in acting, however his talent and meteoric star power are sure guarantee to bring in high viewership especially from the ARMY, should V decide to go back to the big screen. Currently, Big Hit Entertainment’s (HYBE) stance on BTS on solo endeavors has not changed.


According to sources, there will not be any individual activities allowed. Although there were already many instances where K-Drama talks proceeded to a certain extent, but eventually never moved forward due to team’s hectic schedules.

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