What Harry Styles Actually Said That Got Bleeped During His Grammys Speech

Harry Styles got his first Grammy award on Sunday evening, taking home the award for the best solo pop performance for his hit song “Watermelon Sugar.” 

Photo: Courtesy of Harry Styles | Twitter
Harry managed to cross off another item on the award show bingo – that is getting bleeped during his acceptance speech. Funny that it turns out the censored moment of his speech was not controversial or offensive, it was a compliment for his competitors for the award.

During Harry’s acceptance speech, he thanked the people who helped him record the song, and then for a few seconds, the broadcast cut off the sound. Ideally, that signifies that someone is using profanity which is not allowed on primetime TV, and it was indeed true in this matter; however, the content of his speech was more of a compliment than being a context with profanity.

What Harry was actually saying during the censored portion of his acceptance speech? Harry was actually complimenting his fellow nominees in the category along with him.

I feel very grateful to be here. All these songs are f**king massive.

 – Harry Styles

His competition in this category included Justin Bieber’s “Yummy,” Doja Cat’s “Say So,” Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted,” Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now,” and Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan.” His fellow nominees for the Grammys were in fact applauding and smiling in the audience, which includes Taylor Swift, who dated Harry a few years back.

Styles performed his Grammy-winning song to commence the broadcast, presenting with a jazzy, sultry rendition of the pop hit. He also made an outfit change between the performance and his acceptance speech a little later, starting out the evening with an open-front leather suit and a green boa, he then changed it with brown corduroy pants, a striped V-neck sweater, a green plaid jacket, and another boa in pale purple. 

It has been a big night for Harry, and it’s totally sweet that he took a moment to compliment the other musicians in his category and funnily that this was the moment where he got censored during this speech.

Anyways, congratulations Harry Styles for it was indeed a watermelon sugar victory…

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