TEAZEN Donates 50 Million Won to Charity Following BTS Jungkook Influences Kombucha Sales Spike

BTS Jungkook who recently featured Kombucha on his V-Live broadcast with fans, has made Tea Company TEAZEN’s sales jumped by 500%.

Photo: Courtesy of Jungkook | Vlive

Upon seeing the meteoric rise in sales, TEAZEN has acknowledged and is grateful to Jungkook for featuring their product and that they sold out their month’s supply of products in just three days.

It started when Jungkook revealed, during his live broadcast with fans, that he couldn’t buy any more kombucha because ARMY bought all the kombucha.

Photo: Kombucha | TEAZEN

After hearing this, TEAZEN left a post on Twitter stating that they would have 200 boxes ready for Jungkook whenever he needed it.

Currently, TEAZEN revealed that they had donated 50 million won ($44,000 dollars) to the Miral Welfare Foundation to help create employment opportunities for the underprivileged especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Courtesy of mnhs

Chairman Jeong-Gil Hong, Milal Welfare Foundation Chairman, announced on the 26th March that the foundation has received donations and donations worth 50 million won from TeaGen Co., Ltd.

Through this donation, we are happy to conserve resources and improve the self-reliance environment for marginalized neighbors. I want to.

– Mr. Jong-Tae Kim, CEO of Teagen

Kim In Jong, Head of the Milal Welfare Foundation, Giving Plus stated, “We are deeply grateful for bringing hope to those who are waiting for the opportunity to work.”

Jungkook is putting his influence in the right direction by making bigger impact to the society. We are aware that this is not the first time that Jungkook has sold out a product the moment he mentions or features it in his live broadcast. Recognizing his influence, Jungkook expressed his gratitude to the unwavering support of the ARMY who stands behind not just him but to BTS as well.

Source: mnhs

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