Nam Joo Hyuk Gets Unwarranted Hate from Netizens for His Friendship with Jisoo

Nam Joo Hyuk, has recently been receiving undeserving hate for a very surprising reason. Start-Up series lead star has been receiving unwarranted hatred from netizens out of their disgust for the actor and his close friendship with fellow actor, Jisoo.

Photo: Courtesy of Nam Joo Hyuk | Instagram

Netizens swarmed Nam Joo Hyuk’s social media account with hateful comments and bashing just because he is close to Jisoo. The two actors met when they both were cast in the SBS drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and ever since the drama has ended, their friendship remained strong. Both became so popular for their close friendship, subsequently featuring them on the reality television program, ‘Celebrity Bromance.’

While Joo Hyuk and Jisoo’s friendship may have been well received by fans before Jisoo’s bullying scandal, now their friendship has become the reason behind the unwarranted hatred towards Nam Joo Hyuk.


Amid this controversy, Nam Joo Hyuk’s fans have come together to protect their idol.

Nam Joo Hyuk succeeded after having a hard life. Don’t bother him.

It’s not like they were friends during their school years. They met while working so I don’t understand the people saying they’re the same…? It’s not like Jisoo bullied in his adult life…Jisoo changed his image and became an actor so I’m sure Nam Joo Hyuk didn’t know.

Celebrities are probably so scared, they can’t even befriend anyone. Let’s let only the good people debut. It’s hard to sort through all the relationship.

You can’t be friends with anyone. Let’s not give crap to an undeserving person.

I like Nam Joo hyuk, but because of Jisoo, Joo Hyuk hyung is getting cr*p. Joo Hyuk hyung seems like he’d be kind. He was really innocent and nice on ‘Welcome Back to School’ so leave him alone. Joo Hyuk hyung might be a victim too. It’s not only netizens who are victims, but Joo Hyuk hyung is a victim too.

Jisoo, on the other hand, was one of the many Korean celebrities who was previously alleged of bullying and committing school violence on his fellow students.

Jisoo also admitted to his faults with a handwritten apology letter and has since been removed from all his acting projects. A tell-all interview has recently been televised by MBC with some of the actor’s victims, who shared their stories and alleged experiences with the actor.

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