Keanu Reeves Will Play BRZRKR In Netflix Live Action Film and Anime Series

Keanu Reeves will play the lead role of BRZRKR film. BRZRKR is an immortal character from a comic book co-created by Reeves. On Monday, Netflix has announced that it acquired the rights to BRZRKR and will first adapt the story into a feature film, and will be followed by an anime spin-off series.

Photo: Courtesy of Keanu Reeves | Instagram

Although there is only one issue of BRZRKR, instead of the planned 12 issues, has been published by Boom Studios, what we know so far of this comic book is that a berserker who has lived since ancient times is now offering his incredible combat skills to the U.S. government in exchange for help researching his past. 

As mentioned, the said comic book is co-written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt, with art by Ron Garney, and Reeves got the idea as a blood-soaked mental image: “A character that could punch through someone’s chest and come out of their back, or a fight sequence where they could rip someone’s arm off, or cleave someone in half.”

Reeves will play the lead role in the live-action BRZRKR film and will eventually reprise his role for a voice part in the anime series. This is the latest addition to this hectic schedule, having just completed production on the much-awaited fourth installation of the Matrix, Reeves is set to commence production, this spring, of John Wick 4.

For the time being, you will have enough time to enjoy reading the comic book BRZRKR while waiting for the live-action movie and anime series both from Netflix. 

Besides, a lot of people are already excited considering the first issue of the comic series that was launched earlier this month has already sold more than 615,000 copies making it the highest-selling comic release in almost 3 decades. In fact, it’s really remarkable for a newly created comic that has nothing to do with Marvel or DC to standout in the market. It only goes to show that Keanu Reeves remains unstoppable indeed.

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