Jungkook Shares His Challenges When He Became Main Vocalist of BTS

BTS Jungkook, in a recent interview, shared about how difficult it was when he became a trainee, also he discussed how he initially wasn’t at all confident to be group’s main vocalist.

Photo: Courtesy of Jungkook | Twitter

During the recent guesting of the group in tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, Jungkook was asked if there was anything, he would like to say to his trainee self, and he said that there’s nothing particular he wanted to say. Believing all the hardships he endured as a trainee are what helped him build his current self. He also wholeheartedly thanked his hyungs (meaning older brothers) for all they did for him.

I don’t want to tell him anything special because by confronting things and suffering from them, I was able to build my current self. So, I am thankful to the members for criticizing, teaching, and always taking care of me.


— Jungkook

Jungkook later on talked about when he became a trainee and transferred from Busan to Seoul, he was really overwhelmed with the change in environment.

The buildings were so tall. There were five lanes on the road. Seoul was too big and scary when I came here. ‘How will I manage myself here?’


— Jungkook

Jungkook missed his mother that much and started to getting homesick, a few months after moving into their dorm. When he was eating some instant noodles at a convenience store, he cried since he missed his home and especially his mother.

Jungkook also revealed that he was having a hard time during he’s being chosen as the group’s main vocalist. In the earlier days of BTS, Jungkook would walk past the main vocalists of other groups and then would start questioning himself of his capabilities as the lead vocalist.

After I debuted, I was the main vocal. The main vocals of other groups were great singers, dancers, handsome, and cool. ‘What am I?’ ‘Can I be the main vocal of this team?’


— Jungkook

Jungkook worked so hard to hone his talent as a member of BTS. Currently, that hard work paid off as he is now popularly known as the golden maknae (meaning youngest member) of BTS.

I had to show improvements and accomplishments. I thought that the only person who could act and make a change was myself. From that moment, I deleted the idea of vocal training an hour in my head. In the car, in the shower, of the 24 hours in a day, I tried to sing and was singing during every possible minute.


— Jungkook

Check out the full video below!

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