Find Out Why TikTok Megastar Josh Richards Leaving the Video-Sharing App for Good

Josh Richards is a bonafide TikTok superstar, with over 20 million followers on the video sharing app and over 1 billion likes on his posts which are mostly himself dancing and lip-syncing to songs.

Photo: Courtesy of Josh Richards | Instagram

Richards started immersing in social media when he was just 13 years old. Right before getting into his freshman year in high school, Richards got into posting videos of himself dancing to rap music on the video-sharing app formerly known as ByteDance which is the owner of the TikTok app bought for $1 billion in 2017 and merged the two apps.

Richards made a bet with himself that if he could achieve 10,000 followers by the end of summer, he would keep doing video posting; if not attained, he would stop and totally quit doing it.

I’m a very competitive guy.

– Josh Richards

A year after starting on, he started making money at the age of 15 through song promotions, where he would promote music on his posts. Subsequently, those deals turned into working with brands such as Reebok, Cash App and Crocs, Richards said.

By the time he was 17, he decided to make social media his full-time focus while attending high school.

Richards currently has over 20.1 million followers on TikTok, 6.8 million on Instagram, 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.1 million follows on Triller.

Despite Richard’s colossal success on video-sharing app TikTok, he announced on July 28th that he is leaving the app and going to the rival Triller. His decision to leave TikTok has to do with security concerns.

Furthermore, Richards is currently Triller’s chief strategy officer and is an investor with an undisclosed stake in the business.

Triller app debuted as a short form music content app in 2015 but has since added a social feature similar to that of TikTok. Last year, the company raised $28 million in a funding round led by Proxima Media, which has a majority stake. The app also celebrities-investors like Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne.

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