Find Out Why Harry Styles’ “Dream with Me” Is So Popular in a Sleep App

Getting ready for bed with a bedtime reading is typically a tradition for children. However, as adults, you’re on your own with your devices to help you snooze. 

Photo: Courtesy of Harry Styles | Instagram

Though you could read a book to yourself, but it doesn’t quite have the same effect unless a celebrity reads a story for you.

Celebrities have recently partnered with apps to create relaxing bedtime meditations and bedtime stories to help blissfully go to sleep. 

Back in July 2020, singer Harry Styles launched a bedtime story called “Dream with Me” on Calm – a meditation and sleep app, Styles joined Matthew McConaughey and singer Kelly Rowland, who also have bedtime stories on the app.

According to a spokesperson of Calm, is that the stories by Styles and McConaughey are two of the most popular sleep stories in the platform. The spokesperson said that, “The feedback for both stories has been overwhelmingly positive.” 

In fact, Styles’ story was so popular in the app that the singer’s fans crashed the app platform on the released date.

You might be wondering why many of the stories have become wildly popular. Well, we can take a look at some factors behind this popularity.

Having someone read to you can be considered an act of care and there is an interpersonal connection between you and the reader.

Even though we know how to read ourselves, being read to is highly desirable probably because it helps to fuel our imagination.

It is also possible that being read to brings back good and soothing childhood memories.

However, one might be wondering why celebrity-led stories are a popular choice, it is believed that if someone such as a celebrity, it has to do with a sense of intimacy meaning celebrities feel very familiar. Celebrities feel like familiar peers who we look to for inspiration. 

You can download the “Calm” app from app stores to hear Harry Styles’ bedtime story – “Dream with Me.”

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