Check Out Fans Taking Trip Down Memory Lane from BTS Jin’s Earlier Days

Online fans are taking a trip down memory lane from Jin’s earlier days with photos and videos getting the attention of the online community.

Photo: Courtesy of Jin | Twitter

A snapshot of Jin back in 2013, you can just imagine how innocent looking this gentleman as he is attending a fan meeting. One video that they got of Jin has touched fans’ hearts as they saw Jin looking at the camera, uncertain if he was being filmed or not at that time.

The video clip is showing Jin looking at the camera several times before deciding to wave back at them and later realizing that they were his fan site master. Fans were moved with Jin’s reaction despite being nervous and excited at the same time to have a fan site master taking photos and videos of the singer.

Fans admired him more after seeing his debut photos revealing how cute and lovable Jin is. The BTS member is known to be a warm person. He is also known as a kind person, approachable, and overall a great person to be around.

Check out the full clip below of Jin back in 2013!

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