Check Out the Captivating Watercolor Portrait Painting of BTS’s V

An amazing artist by the name of Jung Hun Sung perfectly created a watercolor painting of BTS’s Kim Taehyung (BTS V).

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung (V) | Twitter

It appears that V has the qualifications to become an artist’s inspiration, as the watercolor paintings of the K-Pop idol have been getting the attention for its realism and sheer beauty.

Jung Hun Sung, unveiled two paintings of the BTS member on his social media account. Sung even uploaded a YouTube video showing the process of completing one of his art pieces.

Fans and viewers alike have expressed their appreciation and admiration of the artist’s amazing skills in perfectly capturing every attractive feature of V’s face, including his large eyes, sharp nose, and the more obvious eyelid in one of his eyes. People were captivated by the subtle expression of the masterpiece that Jung Hun had painted and was complimented for such an amazing artwork.

The second art piece which was especially made by Jung Hun Sung for his daughter, was showing V’s profile and has a charming appearance due to V’s doll-like visuals in the painting.

Previously, V mentioned that he receives musical inspiration by appreciating his favorite art pieces, and it seems as though, he as well, is an outright inspiration to other artists.

Check out the breathtaking process of water color painting in the video clip below. You can also check other artworks of Jung Hun Sung on his IG account.

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