Check Out Bella Thorne As She Turns into Blonde Beauty for Versace Mansion Photoshoot

Bella Thorne hopped on a jet to pose for photos at the iconic Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida on 10th March. She decided to change her hairstyle to something a lot lighter as she posed in front of the legendary pool while wearing a Versace. 

Photo: Courtesy of Bella Thorne | Instagram

Bella was raised in Miami before she moved to Los Angeles to be an actress with her family, and she commemorated her natural Cuban ancestry. She looked strikingly beautiful as she whipped her blonde hair back and forth for the photoshoot. She celebrated at the opportunity to be back in South Beach. “A Cuban girl back in her hometown Miamiiiiii 🤤🤤,” as she wrote together with her Versace posts.

“Being Cuban/Latin in most people’s eyes means having dark eyes, dark hair, and dark skin, I’m naturally blonde I have hazel brown eyes and I try not to go in the sun because skin cancer runs in my family,” Bella wrote at the time. 

Honestly I wish I looked more Latin so I could feel more Latin so I could feel closer to my father and be prouder of my heritage.

– Bella 

The latest photoshoot of Bella is a production of her new company, Content X. The entrepreneur-celebrity founded the company with her friend and longtime manager Thor Bradwell. Thorne serves as the creative director. 

“I’m excited to create Content X for this generations’ young creative forces and their social medium platforms,” Bella said in a statement. “Content X will also specialize in identifying young writers, directors, etc. on social media to give them a platform to develop their skills.” Also, Content X is responsible for her Only Fans content, music, and music videos.

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