Camila Cabello Posted A Hilarious Dance Video on Her Birthday, ‘Level 24 Bi**hes’

Happy Birthday Camila!!!

The “Havana” singer, Camila Cabello, posted a hilarious video proclaiming that it was her special day on Wednesday, March 3rd.  Cabello pulled off her little skit in a loose-fitting, backless maxi dress…no bra either for the birthday girl! “It’s my birthday!!!! Made it to level 24, LETS GOOO!” as Cabello wrote on her IG account alongside the dance video.

Photo: Courtesy of Camila Cabello | Instagram

Cabello kicked off her video by illustrating a certain way some people act on their birthdays. “You know those people…” she started. “and you see them the next day, and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?’ and they are like, “Oh my God, I don’t like to make a big deal about it.’ Well, that’s not me.” That’s when Camila turned the energy level to 11! “Level 24 bi—hes!!!” Cabello delivered an impromptu birthday song, and she flaunted her crazy happy dance. “It’s my birthday…yes, it is!” sang Camila.

Cabello continued to thank her fans for making her day great. “Thank you for all the love and birthday wishes, I’m so thankful for all the love and I’m sending it right back!” Camila wrote in the caption on her IG post.

Although there was one birthday wish that meant a little more to the singer than the others. Shawn Mendes took to social media to sing her praises. 

Happy birthday to the kindest, bravest, and most beautiful person I’ve ever known. I love you more every day mi vida ️.

--wrote Mendes.

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