BTS V Shares the Moment He Realizes Being Global Celebrity

BTS V shares the moment he realizes being global celebrity. 

There were particular moments that it feels more real than before when he realized now how popular they are not just in Korea but internationally.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Taehyung | Twitter

There is no denying that BTS’s V or Kim Taehyung is a global celebrity, from selling out items and to becoming the talk of the Twitter-verse for things he does.

During the interview in their News9 guesting, V was asked if he felt “like a world star.” Although the question made V chuckle, fellow members Jin, Jimin, and Suga chimed in.

“Friends of our family members tell us that they are ARMYs, and many of my friends also joined ARMY,” V said. Realizing how their fan base have grown past their circle of family and even to their friends was an eye-opener.

V recognizes the fact that it’s very motivating and cheers him up knowing how many people they were able to reach and influence with their music. To him, it was very inspiring and gives him the boost to be even better at what he does.

Despite the popularity, recognition, and achievements BTS remains humble and grounded, regardless being one of the biggest and most popular group in the world.

Check out V reveals the moment when he truly realizes how impactful BTS is here.

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