BTS V Gained 2.7 Million Followers with Only Two Songs on Spotify

BTS V recently has recently gained 2.7 million followers on Spotify making him one of the top Korean soloists on the popular music platform.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS V | Twitter

Kim Taehyung’s Spotify account has achieved 2.7 million followers on Spotify even with only 2 songs posted.

Right now, the 2 songs he has posted on his Spotify account including “Sweet Night” and his single for 2016’s Hwarang, “It’s Definitely You,” which he performed together with his fellow BTS member Jin.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS V | Spotify

The BTS member garnered this amount of followers after his debut single for the K-Drama Itaewon Class, “Sweet Night.” His Spotify account originally only had a little over 100,000 followers before the release of the new single.

Photo: Courtesy of BTS V | Spotify

V, so far, has the most streamed solo original soundtrack and now is in the top 5 most-followed Korean soloists on Spotify app.



Placing at 5th spot as the most followed KPOP soloist on Spotify with only 2 unpromoted OST under his name

 방탄소년단뷔 Publicity™⁷ (slow) 🧸🍓 (@btsVpublicity) January 5, 2021

Meanwhile, fans are getting more excited with the expectations that V keeps teasing about his upcoming mixtape.

So BTS fans, we’ll keep hanging in there until the mixtape’s official launching.

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