BTS Jungkook ‘Sold Out King’ On Products He Features on Live Stream

BTS Jungkook held a live stream recently for his fans and had a fun interaction with them through a karaoke session. He also updated the ARMY on his life and other activities.

Photo: Courtesy of Jungkook | Twitter

Previously, Jungkook mentioned that he was drinking kombucha, that later it got sold out after his live broadcast. The sales of kombucha skyrocketed to 500% after Jungkook mentioned the product on his live stream, according to Teazen.

Teazen took the news to social media and expressed their gratitude to everyone for the support of their product.

Jungkook updated his fans in the recent live stream saying that he couldn’t buy any more kombucha because it is already sold out. “I couldn’t buy kombucha because it was sold out. I could only buy two boxes…ARMYs are the best.”

Teazen responded to Jungkook, after hearing that the celebrity singer could only get hold of two boxes, by letting him know that they would make 200 boxes available for the singer.

Even though Jungkook joked about being unable to buy the kombucha, he also shared that he was aware of his influence in anything he wears, eats or drinks. Jungkook expressed his appreciation to the ARMYs that they are able to help businesses during these challenging times, because of the many fans who continue to purchase the things Jungkook uses, in return this is helping the small businesses selling these products.

This is not the first time that Jungkook has helped sold out a product he endorses. The singer has sold out many things, making him known as the ‘sold out king’ among his fans. So, let’s keep supporting our Jungkook!

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