BTS Jungkook Gets to Choose Between 5-Year-Old V or 5 Vs

BTS members get asked such a popular question during live broadcast where the members have to pick between 5 Jungkooks or one 5-year-old Jungkook.

Photo: Courtesy of Jungkook | Twitter

Recently, Jungkook held a live broadcast, and this time he was asked a similar question. This time Jungkook was asked to choose between a 5-year-old V or 5 Vs.

Jungkook being a sweet person he is, ended up choosing one 5-year-old V instead of 5 Vs.

He picked one 5-year-old V because according to Jungkook, if there are 5 Vs in the world, he feels that the world would be too bright due to V’s impressive visuals. Jungkook also kidded that he would have to wear sunglasses due to how bright it would be with 5 Vs exist in the world.

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