BTS Jimin Wants All ARMY to Know the Importance of Loving Yourself

BTS Jimin, during a recent interview and guesting, opened up about the importance of loving yourself which was an original message they introduced on a global scale a few years back.

Photo: Courtesy of Jimin | Twitter

During their guesting on the Zach Sang Show, the group was asked about their LOVE MYSELF campaign through UNICEF and wondered if their message has changed in the years since it was introduced.

I feel like your message is more important now. I mean, it’s always been important, but it’s very, very important now in 2021. How has the message changed since 2017?

— Zach Sang

Jimin shared that their “core message hasn’t changed” and revealed that his discovery of how much loving yourself binds into the way someone treats others.

What I felt from talking with the other members, singing our songs, and communicating with our fans was that…

If I keep negative emotions towards myself, have low esteem, and a low regard for myself, it turns out that the things I say to other people and the way I treat other people are not as good as it should be, not as pretty as my words should be.

— Jimin

Jimin also conveyed that taking care of yourself needs to come first, since treating others with kindness starts from within.

So, I realize that it’s about loving myself that’s really important, and loving and cherishing myself is what opens my doors.

This is something that I feel is right and something that we wanted to share with everybody.

— Jimin

Check out the video below as  Jimin talks about their new realizations on the importance of self-love or loving yourself.

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