BTS Jimin and Jin Shared Their Singing Technique Secrets, Find Out!

BTS Jimin and Jin recently discussed the effects of alcohol intake on their ability to sing or record a song.

Photo: Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment, Jin & Jimin | Twitter

The topic came about when Jimin shared the techniques he uses to help him sing his best, like keeping himself hydrated and sleeping with a humidifier.

One of the tips Jimin shared was avoiding alcohol during the time of recordings or times when he needs to perform his best.


I don’t drink since drinking makes your throat very dry as you probably know.


— Jimin


On the other hand, Jin had a different view on the topic based on his own personal experience.


Opposite to Jimin, having a drinking with one or two cans of beer before recording actually helped improve Jin’s ability to record a song.


In the past when recording wasn’t really going well for me, I would take one or two cans of beer and drink them before recording.


— Jin

Though Jimin has heard that some folks may gain advantage or may benefit from it, but from his personal experience, Jimin prefers to avoid it.

Obviously, every recording artist has their own unique way of keeping their voices at best when creating songs.

Check out Jimin and Jin’s full interview below…

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