Billie Eilish Suited Up In Lavish Designer Wear for a Stroll on California Hills

Billie Eilish, the “Therefore I Am” singer all suited up for a stroll on the California hills on 9th March. Eilish took a pose on top of a scenic point and let her flawless fashion sense flooded the feeds of her millions of followers on social media. The singer went very heavy on the puffer vibes and was adorned in Gucci gear. Eilish, who is also known for her excessive bootleg looks, has transformed into a legitimate model for the popular brand, Gucci.

Photo: Courtesy of Billie Eilish | Instagram

Billie sported an expensive puffer jacket from the collaboration between The North Face and Gucci. This rare and sometimes this elusive jacket is sold anywhere from $14,000 - $23,000 on the resale market. It can be also noted that the reversible hat costs $590 as indicated at eilishoutfits, the khaki cargo pants by Kam Vercetti cost around $200, while her puffer boots by Isabel Marant Zimlee costs around $536. The overall cost of Eilish’s hiking gear is playing around $15,326…just wow!

Billie Eilish expressed her heartfelt gratitude, earlier this week, to the fans by sharing a post that hype up her new documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry.” Eilish simply wrote “thank you” for the caption of her IG post. Although she was thanking her followers on the social media, her fans thanked Eilish for the being so open in the said film. One fan wrote, “thanks for sharing this much of your life with us.” Another one commented, “best thing I’ve watched in a while.”

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