Spider-Man Casts Troll Fans With Multiple Titles For Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man casts troll fans with multiple titles for Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man casts Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon revealed some first look images of the upcoming film, trolling web slinger fans.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Holland | Instagram

The Spider-Man trio each shared different sneak peek at the Spider-Man Homecoming threequel. Holland shared – Peter Parker, M.J. and Ned gather in what seems to be an abandoned building of some sorts. While Holland’s teaser shows the three characters staring at something off-screen, Batalon’s teaser shows the trio of friends at the base of an eerie stairwell. Zendaya’s stills, on the other hand, shows Peter and M.J. huddled over Ned and his laptop.

Adding to sharing their own teasers, each of the stars also shared different title cards, all playing on the previous film titles’ use of “home.” Holland shared one title that read “Spider-Man: Phone Home,” Batalon’s title card showed “Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker” and Zendaya’s title was “Spider-Man: Home Slice.”

The different title cards only confused the fans on social media, who then figured the stars were messing with them. Although the next Spider-Man installment still remains untitled, for now, the follow up movie will see a familiar face like Benedict Cumberbatch who’ll appear as MCU’s Doctor Strange. The third Spider-Man movie is currently set for a 17th December release this year.

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