Prank Gone Horribly Wrong – YouTuber Shot and Killed On-The-Spot

Timothy Wilks, 20-year-old guy, was shot and killed on the spot in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday night in what the authorities say a YouTube video shoot gone wrong.

Photo: Timothy Wilks | Instagram

According to report, Timothy Wilks, a YouTuber, was shot by a 23-year-old David Starnes Jr., who is claiming the incident as self-defense. Wilks and some friends were trying to pull a prank on strangers in the hopes of making a viral YouTube video.

The shooting incident took place in the parking area of Urban Air, a trampoline and adventure park in a strip mall in Nashville’s Hermitage neighborhood.

The police say that Wilks and a friend approached a group of people, both of them wielding butcher knives. Starnes was among those people and not realizing that Wilks was filming a prank, shot him. Starnes told detectives he was protecting himself and others from a perceived threat.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, no charges have been filed against Starnes, but an investigation is still ongoing. Wilk’s video was apparently supposed to be a fake robbery, so it is not clear if he and his friend could have faced criminal charges as well.

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