Kim Kardashian Flaunting Tiny Bikini While Sultrily Applying Whipped Cream

Kim Kardashian flaunting in tiny bikini while sultrily applying whipped cream. She has been making the headlines lately. The gorgeous mamma of 4 doesn’t seem to age, nor does the 40-year-old social media influencer show any signs of slowing down her business pursuits. If there’s anything, Kim has attained an impressive success that she takes in stride as she blows the media away with her new modeling shots.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Kim’s latest update was making a big splash for Valentine’s Day alongside her sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who both wore matching white bikinis and G-strings. However, for today, Kim is putting on something totally different. (See photos here)

The latest clip in question is…showing Kim applying a whipped cream on her bare lower tummy while wearing “Skims” brand apparel. A tiny bikini matched with a pleasurably fitting bra is all this gorgeous woman needed to put on to create a fuss on her Instagram. (See photo here)

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Together with the official post which currently has over 1.8 million likes and over 6 thousand comments garnered in less than 16 hours, Kim ensures this fabulous display of teasing eye-candy was used to its fullest…also posted a video revealing the full sugary process.

With Kim’s latest posts, which already been doing that quite deliciously, there haven’t been many times on her social media that she has willingly put something delicious on her bare body promoting her “Skims” brand. (See photo here)

Several photos of Kim herself were posted wearing a superlative bikini set with a tropical background. The said photo continues to gain traction with the fans who really like her caption.

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