Guardians of the Galaxy lead star Chris Pratt is Trending on Twitter #RIPCHRISPRATT…Why is Chris Pratt trending?

Guardians of the Galaxy lead star Chris Pratt is recently trending on Twitter after fans exposed alleged tweets from 2012 poking fun at bodies and weight.


Photo: Courtesy of Chris Pratt | Instagram

Fans seemed eager to ‘cancel’ the Guardians of the Galaxy actor as #ripchrispratt began trending on Twitter, though there is no solid evidence that said tweets really came from the actor’s account.


Chris Pratt, has been criticized on Twitter for allegedly tweeting insensitive comments back in 2012 about bodies and weight.


Photo: Courtesy of  Chris Pratt | Instagram

Alleged old tweets have been exposed by a user and started trending #ripchrispratt with screenshots of what was said at the time.


One of the alleged tweets stated: “#MissUniverse in a way they all look Miss Hungry.”


The actor has been silent on social media for quite some time now, prompting fans to speculate that the actor is probably “dead”.


The twitter-verse have been ripping the actor apart and claiming they “have been waiting for this” moment to cancel him.


One twitter user wrote, “he ain’t dead but his career sure ‘bout to be #ripchrispratt.”


The actor has yet to address the allegation about this recent exposé.

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